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Dog Training – Our Positive Reinforcement Approach

Dog training is about building good habits. Most misbehavior stems from dogs not knowing what to do. Mouthy puppies, jumpy greeters, or enthusiastic barkers do what they do because it comes naturally to them. To fix these issues, we will teach your dog what to do and when to do it. At Bravo Fido, we know dog training can be fun for both human and dog. No matter the problem or goal, our knowledge and experience will get you where you want to be. We will do this with no pain, fear or intimidation.

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A Modern Dog Training School in Montreal

Dog training has come a long way in recent years. At Bravo Fido, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game.

Good Dog Behaviour Starts With You

You are your dog’s main teacher. They spend hours every day trying to figure out how to work with you. As such, you should make sure you’ve got the best tools to answer those doggy questions. We will show you how to communicate with your dog and how to turn training chores into games. (Recall, basic commands, polite greetings, table manners and more!)

Dog Training Classes for Everyone

We want to make quality training more accessible. We deliver top quality classes that are both fun and effective. Our small group classes give you all the basic tools to train your dog at a more affordable price.

Bravo Fido Dog Training FAQ

Do you train all breeds of dogs?

Yes. German shepherds, American pitbull terriers, huskies, basenjis, yorkies : we train them all! Big or small, we have vast experience with most breeds of dogs.

Is it too late to properly train my adult dog?

No, it is never too late to train a dog. Depending on the number of years the dog has spent repeating the behaviour, it may take longer to modify. It is also never too late to teach basic commands or manners to an old dog. In fact, training can provide mental stimulation and help maintain brain function into old age.

Can you help with an aggressive dog?

Yes, aggression is one of our specialities. We understand the toll an aggressive dog can take on a family. We can help!

Is it better to go to dog school, or to have private at home training?

Both are good. If you are not certain how your dog will react in a group or if your dog displays aggression, start with at-home sessions. Otherwise, it is usually a personal choice.

There are pros to both:
Group classes are usually more affordable, the group atmosphere can be fun, we have built in distractions that mimic the real world and dog-dog social dynamics. Also, puppy classes have the added benefit of socialization.

Private classes are customized. They fit your schedule. We have better control of distractions so your dog can concentrate on the task at hand. We work exactly at your dog’s level and provide more personalized instruction which means no wasted time. If your dog is unsafe around people or dogs, is excessively fearful, excitable or anxious this is the right choice

If you are unsure of which option suits you best, give us a call to discuss your situation.

My last trainer made me feel inept. How do you interact with the human end of the leash?

Training a dog can be stressful enough without the trainer adding to the stress.

We will make the task of training as easy and agreeable as can be. The laws of learning apply to humans as well and we know that people learn best through fun and success. You may need repetition and guidance. If you don’t catch on right away, we will break it down to help you get it right. Training is a mechanical skill and just like a dance routine, people learn it at different paces.

If you get particularly anxious when being taught, let us know. We have tools to facilitate learning in people as well.

What is the top dog training tip you can give?

Catch your dog doing right! Too often we focus on what they do wrong. How often do we ignore our dogs when they are quietly lying at our feet or playing with one of their toys? We don’t notice because it doesn’t bother us. However, the minute the dog grabs our shoe or comes over to pester us – he gets all our attention.

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Different Ways to Train Your Dog

Dog Training – how we educate dogs.

There is no mystical way to train dogs. Dog training can often seem magical when you don’t know the laws of learning. In reality, dog training doesn’t rely on magical energy or a gift with animals, it relies on consequences, associations and motivation. You can either motivate by controlling access to things your dog wants or by using pain, fear and intimidation. These two options are not equal. The use of pain, fear and intimidation can have serious side effects. At Bravo Fido, we believe the way to stronger more consistent behavior is through pleasurable consequences. This tool is very powerful and works with all dogs.

Bravo Fido – Meet your good dog today!

People are often amazed when they see their previously unruly dog waiting patiently for food left on the floor or sitting politely to be greeted. We know the difference between a well behaved dog and an unruly one is a combination of training and bridging the gap between human and dog behaviour. This can be accomplished with any dog!

Our work with humane societies have shown us the difference simple interactions can have on dog behaviour. An unruly dog is simply doing what has worked for him in the past. With so much misinformation regarding dogs out there, owners are often confused about where to start or why what they are doing is not working. Most misbehavior on your dog’s part is not a deliberate attempt to bring chaos to your life. It can sure feel that way on occasion though! Often a few tweaks are all that is needed to reduce that chaos.

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