What Our Clients Say About US

Nothing is more rewarding for us than a happy client with a happy dog…

Sebastien Larabée amazing trainer!
Walking down the street. Door opens in front of us and out comes large husky dog and owner.
Layla looked and I reacted. We crossed the street. We kept walking. I encouraged her to follow me
(SHE DID!!!!)
Stopped for chicken pieces. Gobbled up happily by Layla.
NO lunging
NO barking
NO reaction!!!!!!!
Thank you Sebastien!

– Brenda

Thanks for Your Help – All Your Tips Worked Well.
Hi Sebastien,
Just to thank you for helping Charlie and me fix some issues he had when he came to live in his forever home. He still needs more reassurance, but working helped a great deal.It was a pleasure to see how well you handled him and how he responded to you. All your tips worked well. Thanks again!

– Marlene Nagy

Clicker Training for a German Shepherd – Like Learning a New Language.
Working with Sebastien was like learning a new language. Dog language. We had just adopted a 9 month old german shepherd girl with a difficult start in life. She had not been socialized, trained or even exposed to the normal sounds, smells and sights of day-to- day life. She was very anxious and confused. Sebastien, with an infinite calm and love for animals helped us devise a language of sorts to help us communicate to her what we wanted and to help us read her signals (body language). He works with a clicker, treats and what I can almost describe as a sixth sense about what the animal needs. He opened up communication with our pooch and a whole world of possibilities. We are thankful to him for teaching us to help a difficult dog and have a good relationship with her.

– Alexandra, Costin and India