Dog Training Services

In-home Private Coaching



Personal coaching to address all your dog training needs.

Housetraining, obedience, fear, aggression, puppy training, puppy prep, choosing your new dog, welcoming a rescue dog and clicker training.

How we work

Initial 1hr Evaluation Consultation (145+tx) :

This first hour will let us discuss your situation, identify your goals and assess your dog’s trainability. From this, we will create a personalized dog training plan to meet your specific needs. All initial consults come with an email write-up, and management tools that will give you immediate relief from your most pressing concerns until we meet again. We will also propose the training plan that will be able to meet your needs.

SERVICE PRICE (excluding taxes)
Initial consult 145$
Pay as you go (after initial consult) 130$ per hour
3 to 5 hour packages 125$ per hour
6 hour and more packages 120$ per hour

Coaching packages for puppies
(for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months of age)

Basic puppy package

This is our bare bones package that will touch on all the basics of puppy training. If you’ve had prior experience with puppies and just need a refresher or have one simple problem, this package is for you.

For help with: basic housetraining, chewing, mouthing, socialization, crating and making sure you are up to date on current dog training techniques.


375$ + tx
(3x1hr at 125$/hr)

Puppy primer

The puppy primer will equip you with all the tools you need to raise a great dog.
For help with housetraining, basic obedience, chewing and mouthing, socialization, crate training. This package can include a pre-puppy consult to puppy proof your house and get you ready for p-day (puppy day)!

It will also equip you to read your puppy’s body language and learn about proper dog play. The puppy primer is a must for any puppy owner.


720$ + tx
(6x1hr at 120$/hr)

Puppy University (From pup to teen)

This package will keep your puppy on the right track into adolescence. We will personally follow your puppy from pup to teen ensuring they are hitting all the right developmental markers on their way. It is integral that this begins in early puppy hood as the most important developmental milestones occur before the age of 12 weeks. Most owners also face challenges as their once perfect puppy moves into adolescence around 6 months of age, we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

This package will cover everything you need to know to create your good dog!

  • Housetraining
  • Chewing
  • Mouthing
  • Socialization
  • Obedience training
  • Crating
  • Training mechanics
  • Enrichment
  • Dog play
  • Games
  • Understanding body language

This package is aimed towards puppies 8-12 weeks old and must be completed before your puppy turns 1 year old.

Timeline Puppy’s estimated age (if enrolled at 8 weeks) Weekly sessions What you get
Weeks 1-3 8 to 10 weeks old 2 x 1hr training per week (6 hours total) Twice weekly sessions to ensure we capitalize on your puppy’s socialization period.
Weeks 4-11 11 to 18 weeks 1 hr training per week (8 hours total) One hour a week keeps you on track as you complete your puppy’s socialization period.
Weeks 12-21 5-7 months 1 hr training every 2 weeks (5 hours total) With the solid foundation we’ve built, the beginnings of adolescence should be a breeze.
Weeks 22-27 7-9 months 1 hr training per week (6 hours total) We go back to weekly sessions to take care of any complications encountered in adolescence.


2875$ + tx
(25x1hr at 115$/hr)

Skype consults

Live outside of our service area? We can still help.
Contact us to set up your evaluation consultation.

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Daytraining Package

What it's all about

Day Training: Let us do the heavy lifting!*

Love your dog but don’t love training? Want to progress a little faster? Too busy to train?

Day training is for you!

We train the dog for you at your house. We have spent years honing our training skills to be able to train dogs efficiently. Let us put those skills to work for you.

You will still need to be taught how to maintain the new skills your dog has learned. However, the heavy lifting will be done.

*If you are interested in day training, please contact us to see if your problem and service area qualify you for this service.

Package 1: 14 hrs at 120$/hr +tx

Total cost: 1680$+tx
This package is for help with: basic obedience (sit, down, stay, leave it), food guarding, puppy manners, ground work for leash reactivity, jumping up, impulse control.

Week 1: 1 hr intro with pet parent
Week 2: 3hrs daytraining + 1hr transfer session
Week 3: 3hrs daytraining + 1hr transfer session
Week 4: 3hrs daytraining + 1hr transfer session

1 hr follow up to be used at your convenience in the following 3 months

Package 2 : 25 hrs at 115$/hr + tx

Total cost: 2875$+tx
This package is for help with: aggression, advanced obedience, multi-resource guarding, fear problems, leash reactivity.

Week 1: 1 hr intro with pet parent
Week 2: 4 x 1hr daytraining sessions + 1hr transfer session
Week 3: 4 x 1 hr daytraining sessions + 1hr transfer session
Week 4: 4 x 1 hr daytraining sessions + 1hr transfer session
Week 5: 3 x 1 hr daytraining sessions + 1hr transfer session
Week 6: 3 x 1 hr daytraining sessions + 1hr transfer session

1 hr follow- up to be used at your convenience within the following 3 months

I ♥ my dog (at-home brain games program)

What it's all about

For dogs who need extra stimulation or pet parents who just want the best for their dog.

  • Have a new baby at home and don’t have time for all those things you used to do with your dog?
  • Want to provide a little stimulation for your elderly dog?
  • Have a fearful dog that doesn’t do well in a commercial daycare?
  • Is stuffing puzzles just one more thing you wish you didn’t have to do in the morning?
  • Have a new puppy that needs a midday break while you are at work?
  • Are your dog’s health issues limiting his exercise opportunities?

Entertain your dog while you are at work and help stave off boredom. For many dogs, exercise alone is not enough – they also need a mental activity like problem solving.

A great supplement to a dog walking program or at the end of a day training program.

Your dog will receive a personalized enrichment plan that includes games, trick training, cuddles, and puzzles provided by a professional trainer.

Did you know that enrichment can help stave off something called Canine Cognitive Disorder (doggy Alzheimer’s)? We take enriching your dog’s life seriously at Bravo Fido.

All visits include a bathroom break and remote check in so you know how your dog is doing.

I ♥ my dog club runs Tuesday to Friday as Bravo Fido is closed on Monday.

Intro to games program – 4 weeks:

8 hrs at 120$/hr +tx
Total cost: 960$ + tx

This program gets your dog hooked on puzzles. We will find out what they like and build their puzzle solving skills. If you don’t wish to continue with the monthly maintenance package, we will also teach you how to best enrich your dog at the end of the 4 weeks.

Week 1: 1 hr intro with pet parent
Week 2: 2 x 1hr sessions
Week 3: 2 x 1 hr sessions
Week 4: 2 x 1 hr sessions
Week 5: 1 hr transfer session with pet parent

Monthly maintenance package*

2 sessions per week at 115$/hr
Total cost: 996$+tx / month (based on a 12 month average)

*If your dog is new to the program, start with intro to games.

Group classes

Puppy class

For puppies

Watch your puppy make friends and flourish as we help you write the first pages of her life’s story. Our stimulating classroom environment will provide new adventures and opportunities to learn vital skills. With Bravo Fido, the first chapter of your life together will be a tail to remember!

Classes run for 6 weeks and are 60 minutes each

Time: Saturday (time may vary, see registration form for specifics.)
Location: Centre Veterinaire Laval (4530 Highway 440, Laval, QC H7T 2P7) in Laval, conveniently located just off the 440 between the 13 and the 15.
Price: 225$ + tx
Language: Classes are bilingual.
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Manners 101

For dogs 5 months and older
Obedience skills for life! Want a well-behaved dog? Teach your dog valuable manners such as coming when asked, leaving dropped food on the floor, greeting visitors politely and more!

Classes run for 6 weeks and are 60 minutes each

Time: Tuesday at 8 pm
Location: Centre Veterinaire Laval (4530 Highway 440, Laval, QC H7T 2P7) in Laval, conveniently located just off the 440 between the 13 and the 15.
Price: 245$ + tx
Language: Classes are bilingual.
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Small dog daycare

Googly’s playgroup

Select small dog daycare in the home of a professional trainer – personalized care for your small dog.

  • Looking to give your precious pup something special?
  • Feel guilty leaving your dog home alone all day?
  • Having a hard time finding suitable doggy friends for your small dog?

Small dogs are often uncomfortable in larger commercial daycares especially when they are forced to mix with larger dogs. Many dogs are also not comfortable with the large groups and constantly changing companions. Your dog will experience a small group (3-4 max) of well suited companions in addition to enrichment, play, games, toys and training. A great value that includes all the benefits of the I ♥ my dog program and more!

For dog-friendly dogs 20 Ibs and under (shy dogs welcome)

9am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday and Thursday only

A meet and greet will be arranged to ensure compatibility prior to enrollment.

Packages start at 450$+tx per month for one day a week (Tuesday or Thursday)

Discounted monthly package at 800$+tx (Tuesday and Thursday)

Googly’s playgroup is located in the Chomedey district of Laval. Conveniently 5 min north of the Lachapelle bridge between the 13 and the 15.

Professional consulting services

For businesses and organization

Need dog behavior or welfare advice for your organization (shelter, daycare, rescue, breeder, research facility)? Contact us for a personalized plan.

Workshops and Seminars:

We offer frequent workshops and seminars about specific dog behavior and training subjects.

Past popular workshops include: dog body language, basic and advanced clicker training, dog reactivity, clicker training for kids.

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Want a specific workshop or seminar tailored to your needs? Contact us today.

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Do you guarantee results?

Reputable professional dog training organisations, including those we are members of, consider that it is unethical to give guarantees on behaviour. Our field experience has taught us that behaviour is modifiable but how long it will take or the level to which it can be modified cannot be accurately predicted. There are too many factors at play. Once we meet with you and determine your goals, we can give you a better idea of what to expect.

How can I pay for services?

Bravo Fido accepts cash, credit (visa/mastercard) and cheques.

Can I pay in installments?

All packages must be paid in full on the first appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask our clients to cancel at least 48 hours before their appointment. Appointments cancelled within 48 hrs will be billed.

Do you charge travel fees?

Travel fees are included in our prices (within our coverage area).