Clicker Training for Dogs in Montreal

Bravo Fido brings clicker training to a whole new level. As part of our positive training repertoire, clicker training is a powerful tool.
It amazes us each time we watch an owner’s eyes light up when they realize they are actually communicating with their best friend.

We hear our clients exclaim :

What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is a technique to communicate clearly with your dog. It uses a distinct signal that lets the dog know what he has done has earned him a reward. This allows us to essentially “talk” to your dog in a language he understands. It brings clarity and precision to training. Clicker training gets its name from the device used to make the sound (a clicker).

Canine Clicker Training FAQ

What is a clicker?

A clicker is a small device that when pressed produces a distinct click sound. There are a number of types of clickers. The most common is a box clicker. Another popular option is the iclick. Iclick’s have a slightly softer sound that can be useful for noise sensitive dogs.

I’ve also heard about marker training. Is it the same as clicker training?

Clicker training is a type of marker training. Marker training can use any signal to mark the behaviour. Clicker training by definition uses a clicker though the terms marker and clicker training are often used interchangeably.

When is clicker training recommended?

Clicker training is specifically recommended to catch fleeting or momentary behaviours. Timing is crucial in training. However, clickers can be used to train any desired behaviour.

Does clicker training work with puppies?

Yes, clicker training works especially well with puppies. A puppy can start its clicker training as early as 3 weeks old (essentially as soon as its eyes and ears are open). Starting early can build good habits that will lay a solid foundation for your puppy’s future.

Why do I need a clicker instead of my voice?

You don’t. However, a click is a very unique and brief sound to your dog. Many trainers hold a belief that clickers can be more efficient than the human voice due to the tonal variations of speech and the fact that for the most part human speech is background noise to dogs. Voice markers are used and can be a great tool as well. In fact, many types of signals can be used instead of a clicker: whistles, flashing lights (for deaf dogs), tactile signals (for blind dogs). A clicker is a common and convenient option.

Will my dog get fat from all the treats?

This is a big concern to many people. When clicker training, it is best to use very small pieces of food and subtract these calories from your dog’s daily food ration. If this is done well, your dog will not get fat.

Why doesn’t everyone use a clicker for dog training?

  • First of all, a clicker is not always necessary. Most basic dog behaviors can be trained without it. It can facilitate things though. In addition, practicing on these easier behaviours makes us better trainers.
  • Second, although it has been around since the 1950’s, its widespread use is fairly recent. As such, it is a new technology that not everyone yet understands how to apply. It is also a mechanical skill that takes a bit of practice to use well. Don’t worry, with proper coaching, you will pick it up easily!

Will I need to keep using the clicker after my dog is well trained?

No, clickers are most useful for training new behaviours. Solid behaviours can be maintained without it.

Does clicker training make my dog care less about my approval?

Actually clicker training can make what you want clearer to your dog. Training is about economics. Dogs repeat what yields results. In fact clicker training usually makes your dog more attentive.

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At Bravo Fido, we understand that dogs and people learn better through success! Working with us means that both you and your dog will benefit from a safe, effective and fun learning experience. If you are interested in clicker training, we can teach you all you need to know. If you have tried clicker training and were disappointed with the results, give us a call. Clicker training is simple but not always easy to apply without proper guidance.

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