Obedience Training for Dogs & Puppies

Does your dog not listen to you?
Is your dog always jumping on guests, dashing out the door or counter surfing?
Embarrassed because your dog doesn’t know sit from down or drags you around the block?
Got a puppy and wish to avoid these problems?
Obedience training with Bravo Fido is for you.

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Why All Dogs Need Obedience Training

Obedience training is essentially teaching your dog to be a polite member of society like teaching manners to a child. Some are optional and depend on what you feel is important. Others like coming when called and not dashing out the door can be life-savers!

A Well-Trained Dog is a Must in Public

Want to be able to take your dog out and about without headaches?
Dogs love to go adventuring with their humans – romping in the park, going on vacation, visiting a café. The better behaved your dog is, the more options you have. Dogs that misbehave are often left home and miss the fun.

Commands for Communication

Teaching basic commands is actually building a vocabulary to communicate with your dog. A dog doesn’t come into this world knowing human language. Luckily, we’ve gotten teaching dogs to associate spoken words with actions down to a science

Obedience Training redefined

Old school obedience was all about pressure. Pressure on the dog. Pressure on the handler. This often made for a miserable experience for one or both of the parties. In addition, most of the skills acquired in class did not transfer well into people’s everyday lives.

At Bravo Fido, we know that humans and dogs deserve to learn in a safe, supportive environment. We also believe that you and your dog are a team. Your team will set the pace and define the objectives. We will focus on those behaviour which are important to you. We will go at your own pace, listen to what your objectives are, and get your dog to perform in the real world where it counts.

At Bravo Fido, we know that what most owners need is a well-mannered dog, not a show ring champion. This is why our program revolves around teaching good manners. Dogs with good manners are included in more activities, are pleasant to be around and allow you to live a dog owner’s dream.

Will obedience training fix behaviour problems?

Yes, if those behaviour problems stem from a lack of basic manners or impulse control. If you need help with things like coming when called, leash pulling, jumping up or stealing, obedience training is what you’re looking for.

No, if those behaviour problems are the result of fear, aggression, house training, and separation anxiety. Those will not be fixed by obedience training alone. It is never a bad idea to teach your dog some basic manners and these can often complement a behaviour modification program. However, teaching a dog to heel won’t change its fear of children.

Manners 101 - Obedience group class

Train your dog like a pro!

Dog training has come a long way in the past few years. We know how dogs learn and how to teach them great behavior in a way that’s relaxed and fun for both of you.

Learn to :

  • Get your dog to come when you ask, leave dropped food on the floor, greet visitors politely and more!
  • Break behavior apart so your dog is successful today.
  • Apply class lessons to the real world.
  • Decode your dog’s body language.

What you get:

  • Two professionnal dog trainers.
  • Efficient, up-to-date positive technique.
  • 6 one hour classes.

Pricing and details

Classes run for 6 weeks and are an hour each

Time: Variable (see enrollment form for details)

Location: Centre Veterinaire Laval (4530 Highway 440, Laval, QC H7T 2P7) in Laval, conveniently located just off the 440 between the 13 and the 15.

Pricing: 245$ + tx
This includes the 6 weekly classes.

Language: Classes are bilingual.


  • You must pre-register before your first class.
  • First class is without dogs and is mandatory.
  • Dogs must be 5 months or older at the time of the first class.
  • Your dog must be in your home for at least 10 days before his or her first class.
  • Your dog must have up to date vaccines records prior to the first class.
  • Bring your dog’s vaccination records to your first class. If you do not bring them, we cannot admit your dog to class.

Classes are meant for dogs to learn and enjoy themselves in a safe environment, not for working on aggressive behaviors. If your dog is not having a good time and/or is upsetting other dogs, you will be asked to continue in private lessons.

The Bravo Fido difference

Clear work plans
Objective measurement of progress
Empirical decision making
Client-centered approach

Private in home obedience training

We specialize in private obedience training in the comfort of your own home. The one-on-one approach ensures quick progress since every exercise will be tailored to you and your dog’s unique needs. You will receive an email follow-up after every training session going over all that we discussed as well as personalized written instructions regarding all practical exercises so you can refer to them at your leisure.

Daytraining – where we do the heavy lifting!

We offer daytraining to a select number of clients. Sign up for an evaluation consultation to see if you qualify. For more information.

Semi-private group obedience class

Have a group of dog-loving friends? Get them together for a group obedience class at one of your homes. For details and pricing contact us.