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The Bravo Fido team now offers parrot behavior services!

The Bravo Fido team now offers parrot behavior services!

Our practical training allowed us to work with various species, from spider monkeys to goats, chickens, tortoises and horses. Taking an interest in psittacines, we ended in school for specialized courses in bird behavior. In 2020, we completed those two classes:

  • Formation en comportement des perroquets, avec Johanne Vaillancourt
  • Living and Learning with Animals, avec Susan Friedman, Phd

With our new knowledge and our years in the field of animal training, it will be our pleasure to help you make your life with your birds pleasant and fun!

Your bird refuses to enter his cage or runs away from you when you call him?

We will be able to guide you through the process that will allow you to change your bird’s attitude to these situations and above all, will teach you to motivate your winged companion to provide the behavior that will be most valuable for him and for you.

You have just adopted a young bird and want to give it a great start?

We will be able to provide you with the necessary information to establish a healthy lifestyle and give you the tools to make this winged-wonder a full member of your family.

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